Inside a Caravanner’s Camping First Aid Kit

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First Aid Kit

It is important to carry a first aid kit when you are caravanning. it would be your first response to untoward incidents caused by the dangers when you’re living in the wilderness.

A first aid kit cannot ensure an infection would be stopped but can definitely put a stop it from spreading. With it, you can treat minor cuts, burns, spasms, sprains and scrapes, common in the life of a caravanner.

Caravan Camping

A camping first aid kit essentials keeps you prepared and safe for any weather or disaster too. If you’re an off road caravanner, here’s your definitive guide to a caravanner’s first aid kit for camping.

Enlist your doctor’s help

A first aid kit should help in times of dire need. It should contain things that are medically approved as initial care for emergencies. It should be within reach and cleaned periodically to keep it in the best shape.

Everything spanning from sunburn to a blade cut can get ugly if you don’t properly treat immediately.

doctor check up

To know what to pack, consult your doctor on a generic list of things you need in a First Aid Kit when on the move. Ask him about an SOS for skin and nose allergy pills too.

If you are hypertensive, have diabetes or another medical condition, have your pills stored for at least 3 months ahead in the caravan. Moreover, you must also know to use the bandages and medical supplies you have inside your camping first aid kit list.

Essential Items For Your Camping First Aid Kit

Caravan Camping

A BEST first aid kit for camping should be portable, easily accessible and filled with items you’ll need in case there’s a medical emergency. Note that in the Oz, people get hurt because of fires and natural disasters in caravans.


Have your steel scissors clean and sterilized after every use. Pick a lightweight scissor that have blunt ends and stays sharp longer and does not rust easily.

A size of 14-20 cm is ideal for your first aid kit.

Plaster Tape

An adhesive plaster tape to wrap heavy plasters easily is quintessential to any first aid kit. Choose adhesive plaster tapes sized 5m x 2.5cm, but include other sizes  and those that are waterproof.

Sterile Non Woven Swab

Medically approved as the best cleaning material for minor injuries and cuts, sterile non-woven swab acts as an astringent or antiseptic solution.

These gauze swabs can be used for covering and healing open cuts too.

Triangle non woven bandage

Unlike swabs, triangular non woven bandages are useful in severe injuries and their aftercare. The non sterile bandage is used as a sling, narrow or broad fold bandage.

A triangular sling bandage is used for aligning bone after a fracture in the arm. Even for sprained wrists to elbows, you can wear the triangular bandage and carry on with the day for a quick healing.

Sterile Dressing sheets

The assorted variety of sterile dressing cloth or sheets is for big and small wounds. It absorbs and concurrently helps stop the bleeding or cover a wound better than standard dressings. These are also handy for a burn and spasms.

Conforming Bandage

A bandage that stretches and is perfect to cover a joint, a conforming bandage provides light yet secure support.

It is made from soft nylon and does not cause friction around the skin. Using a conforming bandage is excellent for holding dressings cleanly in place.

Disposable Gloves

High quality nitrile gloves that are powder free and resistant to oils and chemicals protect you during a time of injury. This is the reason why gloves is belong to camping first aid kit essentials.

The latex gloves conform to high puncture resistance. Clean your hands whenever tending to an injured person, so that you won’t aggravate the wound.

Safety Pins

Assorted shapes of sterile and rust-free safety pins are necessary to secure your dressings. It also helps to secure first aid care of ointments too.  Safety pin size depends on the dressing and the wound.

Crepe Bandage

Although there are no visible marks or bleeding for severe and deeper spasms and sprains, a crepe bandage can help you in these injuries. This is also good if you’re giving a hot oil massage treatment for twisted joints or cramps.


Sterile cotton is ideal to clean any wound prior to dressing. It provides padding and is ideally absorbent to stop the bleeding. But  cotton wool is not advised to be used on open wounds.

To easily cover a small cut or wound, have a pack of assorted band-aids.

First Aid cleaning Spray, Soap or liquid

A medically approved first aid spray can remove odours, bacteria and grime on open cuts or wounds. An equivalent soap or liquid cleanser is also ideal as these contain hydrochlorus.

You can use it on bites, wounds, burns, acne and disinfection too.

Eye Wash Pod

Single sterile pods in a cyclindrical tube, eyewash pods are ideal for wetting or cleaning tired and irritated eyes.

Eyewash pods are a mandatory first aid for camping for all kinds of caravan accidents.


Ideal for removing splinters, medical first aid quality tweezers are long and guaranteed  sterile. The tip bevel of first aid tweezers is made to pull pricks easily without severe pain.

You don’t have to dig with a sharp needle if you have medical tweezers as it is ideal for deep splinters too.

Injection Needle

Keep an injection with a needle in the refrigerator so you can provide tetanus injection in cases of emergency.

As caravanning involves getting off the grid and going to through remote destinations, this can be handy instead of hunting a doctor before your wound turns septic.

Alcohol-free Wet Wipes

Sterile wet wipes are ideal to clean minor cuts and burns. Wet wipes with Cholorhexidine are considered ideal medically for wounds too. These can also be used to clean yourself after a rough day.  Hence, ensure that your wet wipes are regularly refilled.

Plus, keep a special box for the ORS sachets to avoid dehydration. Remember to keep your ORS box filled periodically too.

Mouth to Mouth Oxygen kit

A portable emergency breathing mask helps you revive an injured person, without having to clean debris off their oral cavity. Note that mouth to mouth oxygen mask is mandatory for off-road caravanners. Using disposable breathing kits are fast to fix and easy to use too.


A digital thermometer is handy to check the body temperature during times of flu.


Powders and digestive liquids can treat stomach infections, troubles and pains.


From SOS tablets for skin allergy such as Liv-cet 15 to blood pressure cures, your first aid kit should have a dedicated corner for pills relevant to your medical condition.


caravan camping

A first aid kit cannot heal a terminal infection or accident, but it’s a means to put initial relief and solution to minor accidents. Make sure to pack an Emergency Procedures Pamphlet as well as an information sheet to keep track of the things you are running out as well as treated.

Moreover, if you want to be certain about your safety, get an insurance exclusive for caravanners!


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