Caravan Holiday Destinations and Fun Things To Do While Camping

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Caravan Holidays Destinations and Fun Things To Do While Camping

Summer varies from one end to the other in the Oz. For one, floods can be common in certain parts, so carry the right gear to keep off rains when caravanning in summers. But there are countless caravan holiday destinations in Australia exclusively open and fun during summer in Australia.

From gorges to waterfalls, beach and mountains, summer destinations to caravan holidays in Oz are breathtaking and picturesque!

6 Summertime Things To Do While Camping

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If you can find water, take a dip! There are more man-made pools during the summer than any other season. Keeping your body hydrated is quintessential to summers. For caravanners with families, riding in the scorching sun might prove harder from December until February, so fill your tanks at every water source that you can find along routes.

The rule of thumb is to drink at least 4 liters of water per day to fight the dehydration. Hence, parking your rig near a natural or artificial water body will ease your tension in summers.

Below are fun activities and things to do while camping:

Water Balloons

For caravanners with tiny tots, keeping everyone hydrated might get daunting. An easy solution is to let them play with a a bucket full of water balloons safely. The game can be spiced up with quizzes or more productive goals.

Board Games

Yet another life saver during summers, board games like Chess, Monopoly, Scrabble, UNO, Battle Ship or Snakes & Ladders pose challenges and a worthwhile way to while away your time. Park your rig in a shade and have a long weekend of cooling games that require no physical exhaustion from you.


One of the games providing the most fun in the summer, geocaching entertains even your pets. A way of finding the hidden object in a giant treasure hunt all over the world, Geocaching shows you the GPS of the item you need to retrieve to win the game.

Outdoor Cooking

If you’re having a clear day, prepare a grand dutch oven meal or barbecue in a  campfire or drum. Outdoor cooking is a great time for bonding with the familyas well as learning.

Going for a Cruise

If you’ve been thinking of taking a couple of days off the road, try cruising for a weekend with your family. Besides enjoying majestic views in the cruise, inside a ship  or robotic whales, OZ promises exceptional fishing opportunities too.

Trekking and Trails

Summer starts with the wildflowers wilting, so you can starting on a wildflower route or walking trail early for a fun week with your family. There are countless trekking destinations and wildflower trailsall across Oz.

Beach Camping

A refreshing and cooling activity to pursue during Australian summers, beach caravanning is perfect for summers. Waterboarding games such as rafting, swimming, fishing and surfing guarantees you’ll get to cool off  as well as fun during summers.

10 Stunning Summer Caravan Holiday Destinations

Although summer in Oz varies from place to place, there’s one thing in common- It can get killing hot anytime! Caravanning during the end of the year is fun provided  you know the weather of your chosen  destination.

We have combined the all time favourite ten summer caravanning hotspots to have fun coolly. Check them out and let us know which one is your favourite!

Port Douglas, Queensland

Port Douglas is embraced by the Daintree Rainforest on the other side of the Great Barrier Reef.

great barrier reef

Fun activities include Kitesurfing, Boating, Scuba diving, Swimming, Canoeing and Snorkelling. Port Douglas is famous for its many heritage buildings including a pilgrimage church by the sea. The temperature in Port Douglas ranges from 22 0C to 23.7 0C in summer.


Surrounded by the Daintree River, Port Douglas is a rejuvenating destination set 66 Km from Cairns.

Iconic Attractions:

Dickson Inlet, Reef Marina, Great Barrier Reef, Marcossan, Daintree, St. Mary’s by the Sea, Port Douglas Court House Museum and Wharf;


Vineyards and viticulture paint the horizons of Pemberton with gorgeous national parks such as Gloucester in addition to the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree.

Don’t forget to go wine tasting when in Pemberton and trek around the breathtaking vineyards. The temperature in Pemberton varies from 23 0C to 26 0C. Perfect for a flawless summer holiday, Pemberton is surrounded by karri and jarrah trees.


Set in the lush meadows of South, Pemberton is a remote town located 335 Km from Perth.

Iconic Attractions:

Gloucester National Park, Beedelup National Park, D’Entrecasteaux, Scott River, Darling Scarp, Bibbulmun Track, Yeagarup Dunes;

Grampians National Park

Featuring the most enchanting sandstone mountain ranges, Grampians National Park turns into a rainbow carpet of stunning wildflowers during summers too.

Grampians NP also boasts a dozen rock art sites. Plus,  the vineyards of Grampians are home to the most alluring wine in all of Oz. Its web of many walking trails, Grampians is ideal for camping and geocaching too.


Also popular as Gariwerd, Grampians National Park is located 460 km from Adelaide.

Iconic Attractions:

Mount William, Brambuck National Park, Mount Arapiles, Reeds Lookout, Boroka, Fish Falls, Halls Gap, Mount Zero, Little Desert National Park and Jaws of Death.


Termed the happiest city in Down Under, Wollongong or The Gong is a coastal town in the Illawara area of NSW.
A caravanning trip to Wollongong is tough yet memorable. The temperature of Wollongong in Summer ranges from 21 0C to 25.5 0C.

Having many heritage sites and buildings of historical importance, Wollongong sits on a pretty harbor within the periphery of two historically important lighthouses as well the biggest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere.


Located 84 Km from Sydney, Wollongong is in the Sydney Basin with giant mountains surrounding it.

Iconic Attractions:

Windang, Austinmer,  Garie Beach, Shell Harbor, Lake Illawara, Mount Kembla, Botanical Gardens, Motorlife Museum, Symbio Wildlife Park, Nan Tien Temple and Minnamurra Rainforest;


Kuranda is perched beside Barron Gorge National Park and surrounded by historic buildings and a variety of terrains. Skyrail Rainforest is the best stopover close to Kuranda with Birworld next doors too.Kuranda has mild variations in temperature and is known as the Village of the Rainforest.

One of the best attraction to indulge in when caravanning in Kuranda is Skyrail Terminal and another river boating.


Situated 25 Km from Cairns, Kuranda is a retreat set high in the heavens of Shire of Mareeba, Queensland.

Iconic Attractions:

Atherton Tablelands, Amphitheatre, Skyrail Kuranda Terminal, Army Duck Ride across Barron River, Kuranda National Park, Skeleton Creek, Barron Falls, Skyrail Rainforest and Barron Gorge;

Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie is a subtropical heaven set on the golden sands and a teal beach. From a Koala Hospital to the Town Beach exceptionally cool in Summers, Port Macquarie promises the best of long summer caravanning. The uncrowded port is an important birding hotspot along with diamond pythons and goannas.

Landmarks like Breakwater or the museum are startling beauties of Port Macquarie. It has many wildlife parks including Billabong Koala park where you can watch Koala Patting at 10:30 AM, 13:30 and 15:30.


Set on the Tasman coast, Port Macquarie is located 510 Km from Brisbane.

Iconic Attractions:

Tasman Sea, Lake Innes House, Northern Tablelands, Breakwater, Port Macquarie Historical Museum, Billabong Wildlife Park Tacking Point Lighthouse, Oxley Beach, Town Beach, Watonga Rocks and Sea Acres National Park.

Stirling Ranges National Park

Also known as Koikyennuruff, Stirling Range National Park is set in the Great Southern. Sterling Ranges is known to have erupted out of stunning sandstones and shales.

Every year, the wildflowers carpet the national park and make it a true feast for the eye!

The biodiversity hotspot has 1,500 plants, many important birds including short billed black cockatoos, red capped parrots and western grey kangaroo. Don’t forget to try sightseeing, abseiling, gliding, hiking and bushwalking when caravanning in Stirling Range National Park.


Stirling Range is one of Oz’s best 25 Hikes. It is situated 337 Km from Perth and welcomed by the Kalgan River.

Iconic Attractions:

Bluff Knoll, Coyanarup Peak, Porongorup Range, Mount Barker, Green Range, Cranbrook and Kalgan River;

Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a marine haven in Ningaloo Reef. Ideal for those who like to enjoy a laidback vacation or rift the waters, Coral Bay is perfect for cooling off as a family, with a variety of watersports you can do during the summer. Try fishing, swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, boating or watching the whales.

The coral mine at Coral Bay is astounding to newbies with the friendly manta rays and dugongs. The beaches are uncrowded and serene with nothing to mar the horizon. Fauna that you will meet when caravanning in Coral Bay are red kangaroos and giant lizards.


Located on the Western Coast of Australia, Coral Bay is set 138 Km from Exmouth.

Iconic Attractions:

Ningaloo Marine Park, Skeleton Reef Shark Nursery and Lagoons of Coral Bay;

Yamba, NSW

An alive and secret hideaway of NSW, Yamba is an excellent surfing town to try this summer. With about sixteen beaches to have your pick, Yamba can be a long caravanning too. The best beach to put first on your list is Angourie where Taj Burrow and Mick Fanning surf.

The beautiful coastline of Yamba is ideal for caravanners looking for a relaxed summer. Yet another happy town of OZ, Yamba has a welcoming vibe for caravanners. The town has a pleasant climate to beat any summer heat as it stands on the lovely Clarence River.


Set 61 Km from Grafton, Yamba experiences a temperature that’s always lower than 27 0C during the summer.

Iconic Attractions:

Pacific Ocean, Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Lismore, Yuraygir National Park, Barri Point, Iluka bluff, Angourie Beach, Caves and Lovers Point Rock Wall;

Great Otway National Park

Scenic rainforest wrapped in ferns, pools, tall waterfalls and tree top walks, Great Otway National Park is an experience to relish in summers. Far from the heat, Great Otway has many secluded beaches and picturesque gorges too.

Enjoy horse riding, bushwalking, trekking and camping when caravanning in Great Otway National Park. Great Otway is an Important Bird Area (IBA), famous for sightings of striated fieldwrens to pink robins. The ancient rainforests of Otway are spellbinding and can be combined with a Great Ocean Drive too.


Surrounded by the Otway Ranges, Great Otway NP is 162 Km from Melbourne.

Iconic Attractions:

Otway Fly Treetop Walks, Johanna Beach, Maits Rest, Cape Otway, Moggs Creek, triplet Falls, Melba Gully, Cape Otway Lighthouse, Otway Waterfalls, Blanket Bay, Redwoods and Lake Elizabeth.


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Caravan holiday destinations in summers can be too rainy or scorching hot, depending where you are in the Oz. From 21 0C to 27 0C, the temperature can vary in summers. You must take your awnings and be prepared to bask in the sunq. Drink water and ensure that a water source is near your caravan’s parking area.

Clean your caravans for summer caravanning  and be prepared with a well-equipped first aid kit handy. Summers are famed for mosquito breeding in addition to whales.

And don’t forget to ecologically power your AC to the fullest using Solar Panels this 2017! Read more on Solar Panels for Air conditioners in caravans.


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