Common Caravan Park Rules to Remember

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Caravan Park Rules

In Oz, there are many types of vans that pass off as mobile homes. From RVs to Caravans, there are diverse rigs that are being used in Australian Caravan Park. The Parks serve as a safe place, because it is dangerous to have a peaceful stay throughout your caravanning trip if you opt for free parking in remote places.

But in staying in a park, you have to follow common caravan park rules. These  will enable you to have a fulfilling stay without disturbing others or the wilderness. Overall, caravanners must restrict to their campsite instead of cutting through.

17 Common Caravan Park Rules

For a memorable stay you have to follow a code of conduct. From celebrating with alcohol to making campfires, there are many caravan park rules and regulations to keep in mind when you’re a public place such as a caravan park.

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Note that the caravan park regulations change according to situations as well as seasons. You must talk with the manager regarding the rules of the park before booking.

Entry or Booking

Pre-Bookings are available in most caravan parks so call ahead to book your favourite campsites, lest you miss out during peak seasons. Be ready to provide a deposit equal to one- day stay together with the booking.
Moreover, you cannot park if you’re under 18 or over 80 in most caravan parks for your own safety. Private caravan parks can also restrict your entry at any point in time.


With most caravanners using caravan parks for peace, it’s not proper to pump up your speakers’ volume in the dead of the night. Sure, you’re free to be happy, but be mindful that you do not disturb your neighbours in doing so.
Hence, It is advised that caravanners stop making noise starting at 9 pm and the latest at 11 pm. Be wary that too much noise can have you expelled from a caravan park.

Drugs and Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is prohibited to persons under 18. Moreover, illicit drugs are definitely illegal. 
Any person found to have the same will be expelled and arrested. If you’re a psychedelic party goer, caravan parks are not for you!


Most caravan parks have an exclusive zone for pets –from cats to dogs and rabbits. Always cross-check with the manager where these areas are before bringing your pet into the park.
Further, dogs are often not allowed in any cabin and must never be left unattended or unleashed.


From what to wear to what not to do, there are many regulations to keep the swimming pool and water bodies clean around caravan parks. 
Keep the pool clean and avoid eating and drinking in the area.

Washing and Water

Turn off all water supply hoses after filling tanks or tubs. Wasting water is strictly prohibited.
But the good thing is that you will always find clean drinking water in every caravan park. Nevertheless, always carry extra water.

Recreational Activities

Every caravan park may or may not fitted with recreational facilities such as children’s park, boat ramp, BBQ, gazebo, fire drums and rollercoasters. But there will always be additional facilities — from separate showers and toilets to gardens.

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If you’re concerned about pet zones, beach or river access, talk to your caravan manager about it prior to booking.

Size of the Van

From parking one caravan per site to the number of people per caravan site, caravan parks also have rules about the size of the outback and off-road caravans. No more than ten people are allowed on one caravan site and caravans must be 3 meters apart.

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Moreover, the trailer’s central axle must not be more  12.5m while no caravans should weigh more than 4.5 tonnes. The maximum height of a caravan is at 4.3m. 

Speed Limits

Most caravan parks advise limiting your speed from 8-10 km per hour when inside the caravan park.

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Note that roads inside the caravan park are shared by cyclists, bikers as well as pedestrians.


For the overall safety of caravanners, restrict your movements to your campsite. Do not cut through another’s campsite. Always report any illegal or suspicious activity in a caravan park to the owner or concerned manager.

Keep in mind that the regulations aim to keep everyone safe. In case of emergencies and natural disasters, you MUST listen to the caravan park manager or refer to the emergency guidelines often put up in the Camp Kitchen. 

Cycles and Tracks

Not every caravan park is equipped with a cycle track. In fact, some even advise you against cycling within the park.

But in case there is a cycle track, always ride your bicycle with care, within speed limits and concern for pedestrians.


Caravan insurance isn’t only mandatory but a true necessity. Show that you have it to the caravan park manager to ensure maximum safety. Caravan Park rules specifies that the park administration will not be responsible for any injury or damage to property without insurance.

For caravanners with insurance, your insurer will take care of all the damages.
To know more about caravan insurance, click here.


Many caravan parks provide additional storage options for caravanners who wish to explore around the park on a cruise boat or a weekend resort. Before  leaving your caravan in a storage space,  take with your personal belongings. Plus, check that your rig is not connected to any power outlet before leaving it in the storage.

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Galaxy Rover

Park Reception Timings

Always know what time your caravan park reception opens and closes. Also, note down the emergency contact numbers.

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As reception timings change, you cannot be sure that emergency personnel would be present to help you at night. The park crew will also help you settle the bills of staying in the park too.


Besides a dump point, most caravans are also equipped with rubbish bins. When you’re in a caravan site, it is necessary to follow regulations on proper waste  disposal. Do not litter in a caravan park, lest be penalised with a fine.


In case of emergencies like caravan fires or accidents within a caravan park, follow a proper decorum to curb spreading the fire and damages. Moreover, most caravan parks regulations have specific rules about campfires and bonfires. De facto, caravan parks provide fire drums in certain places but caravanners must always bring their own firewood.

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Complaints and Suggestions

Most caravan parks have people who can receive suggestions and settle complaints of the caravanners expertly.

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You can talk to a manager and comment on a facility at the park too.


Always be conscientious and comply with the caravan park rules and regulations. These rules are designed to give you the best possible stay. Hence, it pays to cooperate with caravan park owners and ensure that they have sufficient manpower and facilities to make your stay safe, comfortable and memorable.


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