Caravan Storage Tips: Astonishing Ways to Organise Your Caravan

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caravan storage tips

Putting all the stuff you want to bring in your caravan is not easy. Moreover, even if you’ve stored everything with care and sense, when the rig hits a bump, there is no guarantee that your priceless cutleries will stay in one piece!

In fact, toppling and falling are not the only cause of worry when you’re on a home on wheels. Unfortunately, most of us are compelled to leave behind our favourite items when caravanning. For this, we need caravan storage hacks that will work like magic.

Storage tips before the road trip

Galaxy Nemesis Kitchen and Cabinets

Veteran off-road caravanners often recollect the beloved items they had to part with when they first began caravanning. If you’re a DIY genius looking forward to renovating your caravan to have more space, don’t forget to consult the loading rules of your caravan prior to storing twice the permitted weight of items!

Nevertheless, if you apply the below hacks, you don’t have to leave behind items  because of a  lack of space. You can be sensible selecting items that you need than want as well as be creative, using multi-purpose items onboard.

  • Awning

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Considered the best alternative to extending your living space when in the wild, caravan awnings are basically of three types- full, canopy or porch awnings. Full awning consists of double the caravan size, guaranteeing cosy sleeping cabins regardless of hale or hay. Porch awnings give just enough room to store a few things. These things must be half the size of the former while canopy awnings provide just enough shade to lounge in your caravan porch.

The best way to increase your floor space is to use an awning. Instead of cramming into the rig on a sunny evening, you can also bask in the shade when you have an awning.  From drying wet boots as well as expanding your camp space, there are many ways to hack more storage space using awnings.

  • Use multi-purpose objects

The stuff you take onboard should be easy to organise and optimise and should be purpose. For instance, you can keep a folding tool that also becomes a hammer. You

Some other space-saving objects to take with you caravanning are collapsible storage boxes and multi-purpose cords.

  • Folding Furniture

Yet another space saving storage wonder is folding furniture. Having an eponymous functionality, these can be folded to store in tunnel boot taking merely 10% space against the furniture’s full size. Furthermore, folding furniture also requires no maintenance.  The cost-efficient chairs can be used on diverse terrains and are ideal for indoor and outdoor camping.

Using collapsible furniture also makes your rig spacious. Made from iron, steel and synthetic materials, folding furniture is weather-resistant too.

  • Organize Everything!

The ultimate secret to keeping a tiny space neat, clean and clutter-free is thru organising. Organising requires you to optimise a space for each item, instead of decorating it. You can start by labelling shelves, drawers, containers and even putting up your cleaning schedule. This will serve as a guide as to where the different things should go, enabling you to get rid of clutter.

Tips on how to organize your Caravan

DIY caravan storage hacks save you time, space and money. Being mostly DIY projects, the following teaches you how to recycle your old clothes, PVC pipes and wasted stuff too.

Moreover, fixing these storage hacks gives your family a fun-filled activity and an opportunity to be creative and bond together.

  • Kitchen

Galaxy Striker Kitchen Storage

You must put hygiene at the forefront in this section. Also. choose DIY projects that guarantee to last and are multi-functional. We suggest that you have the following:

  • Fruit Basket on the Wall

Take a basket (any sturdy material) and screw or glue it safely onto the caravan kitchen walls. Keep your daily quota of fruits in these baskets so you could save space no matter how bumpy the road you’re traversing. Of course, you can also put your veggies here too.

  • Plate Dispenser

An ideal gadget for every caravanner who cooks and wash the dishes. Storage also  becomes easy with a plate dispenser.

Put this above the counter so you can save space, money and time in addition to drudgery. Moreover, you help the environment by  using biodegradable plates that will also free you from dirty dishes forever!

  • The Archive Under the sink

An under-used space for most, one great idea is to place your sink or caravan-troubleshooting manuals in a zip-lock bag and tie it around the pipes under the sink.

This will help you save time when searching for the troubleshooting manual at the time of a faulty sink as well. Moreover, you can also add other rarely used things such as pots, pans, broom, mop and cleaning solutions.

  • Sliding Cutting Board

An ingenious idea: store the cutting board into a slit just below the kitchen counter. With this, you can just slide it out and used it as an extension to the counter. If removing the kitchen counter is difficult to install the sliding cutting board, try screwing the board with a hinge on top of the counter!

  • Fridge

Unlike home fridges, caravan fridges need to be regularly cleaned, defrosted, inspected and cleverly arranged. Here’s what you can do to maximise the tiny space available.

  • Suction Bungees Cords

It is tough to keep things in a fridge from falling when your caravan is moving. For this,  you can use suction bungee cords. The 3600 rotatable bungee cords can hold the things in your refrigerator or anywhere in the rig ironclad.

Even though the bungee cords are usually 18”, you can cut or stretch it to fit your size too.

  • Baskets

Putting the goodies in your fridge in a basket prevents them spilling or from toppling over. Another tip: using multi-coloured fridge baskets (if you cannot label each) will help you store food according to its category, expiry date or even based on your week’s menu.

  • Jar Stabilizing Magnets

With strong magnet strips on the fridge you can hook up your jars or tiny bottles A magnet strip can hold 6 bottles and are made of Neodymium magnets. You can also use these magnets right away by peeling the cover and sticking it to your fridge ceiling.

  • Zip-Lock Bags

An innovative way to use both the sides of a fridge shelf, you need binder clips and zip-lock bags for this DIY hack. Put lightweight food into the zip-lock bag and hang it on the underside of the shelf. Ensure that the small binder clips are strong and do not poke into the shelf’s upper region. Using zip lock bags also keeps the food fresh and evenly cooled too.

  • Pantry

From building secret safes to doubling the storage space, you can apply many tricks to keep your caravan pantry well stocked even if it is tiny!


Galaxy Rover Pantry

  • Dangling Jars

Similar to the magnet attached jars in the fridge; you can drill screws into wooden ceilings to have the lid of any jar fixed. This is the most secure way of holding pantry jars. All you need are screws and a drill!

  • Cookware Organiser

This is an efficient way to organise your utensils.  Use plywood panels to split large cupboards wherein you can store pots and pans without them crashing into one another. Moreover, if you use nesting bowls + plywood panels, you can store many vessels.

  • Angled Shelving

It is difficult to keep tiny  spice jars upright in a caravan.  Moreover, if you put them in a drawer, it’s difficult to instantly pick the one you need from the group. Your answer to this is angled shelving, wherein you convert a drawer using two to three plywood panels fixed in a slanting position to keep your spices within reach and secure too.

  • Door Hangers

This is to utilise the large empty spaces behind every door. Using long sheets of cloth or mats with pockets, you can store spoons and other lightweight items safely. Using curtain rods and plywood panels, you can also install a horizontal shelf to keep the lids too.

  • Bedroom

Of course you want to keep maximum distractions away from your bedroom.  But in a stucaravan your bedroom is next to the kitchen or pantry. That’s why you keep the space for the bed free of clutter.


  • Cloth Shelf around the bed

The best DIY hack known to maximum caravanners is the use of cloth shelves, known as a portable wardrobe. To make one, cut a sheet of cloth that fits around the sides of your bed and fixes pockets on it with lapels. This not only makes space for medicines, but also for your knick-knacks too. If you make wider pockets, you can also use the hanging cloth hanger to store your shoes around the bed too.

  • Under Bed Storage

This DIY storage hack is common among caravanners. Use the space under your bed for storage. For one,  with stackable boxes you can convert this space into a horizontal shelf. Or you can use this to keep appliances that are seldom used.

  • Velcro Personal Phone station around the bed

Velcro is the most versatile component in doing DIY hacks. With it, you can keep any object within your rig secure and slide-free. Using Velcro dots underneath baskets and containers will prevent it from skating off too. Velcro can be used on wooden, steel and glass surfaces to attach anything; so always keep a pair of Velcro with you.

  • Tunnel Boot

If you’re sure that your extra items will not increase the total load on your caravan, use the tunnel boot to store your extras.

Galaxy Defender

  • Collapsible Box or Hamper

With a collapsible box you can store gadgets that are not used frequently in the tunnel boot. The advantage of this is that collapsible boxes can shrink into a tenth of its original size. Similarly, with a pop up cloth hamper you can keep rarely used clothes in your tunnel boot safely too.

  • Slide out Floor

By fixing a slide out floor in your tunnel boots, you don’t need a paddle handle to retrieve your valuables. It is advised that you contact your local dealer for a heavy renovation like slide-out floors, as sliding doors double the living space in your rig too!

  • Cord and Duct Organizers

Using a PVC pipe or even a sturdy stick, you can coil your cords, hoses and ducts without tangling in the tunnel boots. If you can find wheels, it is easy to store heavy hoses like pulley too.

  • Pegboard

To convert any free space in your caravan tunnel boot, install a pegboard the size of your empty wall.

You can attach your tools and extra cords on the pegboard to hold it securely while on the move. Make sure to keep items that you rarely use in the tunnel boot too. Moreover, you can even add a pegboard to the back of the tunnel boot door.


Packing things that you with you caravanning should not be that difficult. Keep in mind that there would be distorted weight on the caravan while on the move. Always pack what you need first, and then move onto pack what you want.

As a bonus tip, always carry a belt with hooks around it. It helps to hang pots and pans when cooking outdoors. Tie the belt around and cook like a chef!


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