How to Make Your Caravan More Comfortable

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With expert caravan hacks and renovation techniques, you can transform your caravan into a palace. But together with expanding space, you should make it comfortable as possible, so your family will have a good time during holidays.

Fortunately, there are many DIY techniques online to renovate your caravan to expand its degree of comfort. These include:

1. Glazing for the Windows
Most caravans have single glazing on the windows, which lead to immense loss of heat. Changing your single glazed windows into double glazed will also insulate your caravan better during the winter months. This also minimises precipitation and prevents mould as well.

2. Use a Dehumidifier
One of the serious threats to comfort and health is mould. From increasing the chance of respiratory problems to skin infections, unattended dampness in caravans can be a serious threat.

Use a dehumidifier to stabilize the humidity throughout the year.

3. Remodel Shelves
Yet another storage hack to ease up your drudgery is by organising your caravan and splitting your shelves as well as cupboards to make more storage space.

caravan tips, remodel shelves

Renovating your storage space to hold more shelves requires nothing but nails, hammer and planks!

4. Cladding Insulation
If you’re in the mood for a makeover for your caravan, use cladding insulation with vinyl so your caravan becomes a warm and hot space during winter. Cladding insulation is best clubbed with decking for additional space.

5. New Fabric for Seating
A worn out caravan is easily identified by ripped seating. Conducting patchwork and replacing the upholstery with your favourite colours will positively modify your interior vibe too. Moreover, clean seating and the right colours also make the caravan interior look classy and spacious.

6. Herb Garden
Carrying a herb garden along on your caravanning trip is exotic and healthy. Herbs on the windowsills are the perfect natural humidifier to keep your caravan interior aerated.

caravan tips, add herb garden

Moreover, these come in handy to spice up a meal or guarantee a sound slumber.

7. Set up an Annexe
The number 1 priority to make your rig more tranquil, setting up an annexe increases space and brings the family together. Referred to as the awning, depending on your choice and type of annexe, you can make the most out of any type of caravanning adventure including beach front camping.

caravan tips, set up annexe

8. Solar Power
A brilliant way to harness natural energy and minimise stopping at caravan parks is to install solar power panels on your caravan’s roof.

caravan tips, set up solar panel

When connected with a leisure battery, solar power panels help in preserving electricity for later with the use of an inverter as well.

9. Herbal Mosquito Repellents
Using herbs such as sage, you can keep mosquitoes, bugs and rodents away. Keeping the mosquitoes away when having an evening campfire or outside gathering, is easy with bug repellent herbs such as sage.

insect repelling plants

Tie up your sage leaves and light the tip in the evening for an effective remedy.

10. Foldable furniture
Carrying portable furniture that is also foldable is excellent for caravanners. Just ensure that your furniture is also compatible with the terrain you hope to traverse.

foldable furnitures

11. Spring Cleaning and Regular Maintenance
You can keep your caravan durable, hygienic and fully functioning by periodically cleaning and inspecting it. Ensure that you strictly use caravan specific chemicals for cleaning when conducting the maintenance on the caravan.

12. Bungee Cords
Yet another best addition to keeping your things in the rig steady when you’re on the move. Bungee cords help in keeping things firm to the shelves without falling when the caravan moves.

bungee cords

Moreover, bungee cords can cut the clutter in a caravan.

13. DIY light
Using a glass jar, it is easy to light up a candle and brighten the night in any wilderness that you trot on your caravan. For fancier DIY light, use a bottle, water as well as headlight to keep a nightlight around your caravan.

portable lighting

The DIY Light also shines without glaring straight into your eyes.

14. DIY Washing Machine
To set this up, you need a bucket and a clean (new) plunger. Plug a few holes in the plunger and on the lid of the bucket after filling it with water detergent and water. Now close the bucket, insert the plunger through the hole and begin plunging the dirt off your clothes; your DIY Washing Machine is all set to roll!

15. Add Photos and Mirrors
To make a caravan look spacious, photos and mirrors are crucial to homely interior designing. Adding photos makes the caravan walls more lovely while tiny mirrors make a room look larger.

16. Floor Renovation
Undoubtedly, floor renovations are not easy. If your caravan floors are not cracked and you merely want to replace it, putting on a carpet will work wonders. Rugs bring the rig together and add elegance and a captivating feel.

17. Internet Signal Booster
With internet racing ahead of the population, it’s necessary to get a connection inside the caravan. Using a mobile dongle from Telstra with 4G or 3G network and tethering will let you browse online from anywhere in Oz if you use a signal boosting antenna, alongside it.

internet dongle

What’s best is you can connect multiple laptops or smartphones too.

18. DIY Spoon
A smart and quick tip to make a makeshift spoon from a plastic bottle is by cutting from mid-section until the bottom vertically. You need a knife and a plastic bottle to make this DIY trick work when in need. The bottom of the bottle is curved and serves as the right pit in a DIY spoon.

DIY spoon

19. Straws for Spices
Another cool trick to save your spices from dampening as well as spilling when is by filling them in straws. When not in use, you can use a flame to seal the edges of the straw filled with spices to keep it airtight. Straws also make carrying and storing spices effortless too.

20. Pre-Cooked Food

Veteran caravanners have a habit of cooking meat, starchy vegetables, puree, sauces and batters in advance then refrigerate them. From filling mason jars with pancake batter to freezing chicken after boiling, there are many ways to cook ahead for a weekly menu. It not only makes cooking fast, but prevents the temptation of buying fast food when hunger pops up too!

21. Bubble Wrap Insulation
Insulate your caravan windows and ventilations by using bubble wraps and sticky tape. Use the bubble wrap to cover up all your windows and exit edges. This seals the heat during the cold seasons.

Remember to adjust the levels using the wheel chocks to keep your new bought accessories levelled up before starting the caravan. In addition, make sure to check your laden weight.

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