Enjoying Caravanning in Australia with Kids

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Enjoying Caravanning in Australia with Kids

Kids are hard to manage as it is within the four walls of your house. Imagine the chaos that could ensue if you took them caravanning into the wild!

Sure, your level of comfort and success in caravanning hinges on your kids’ ages.  Hence, if you’re planning a caravanning trip with your family, you need to prepare how the trip will go.

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Benefits of caravanning with your family and kids

Sure, some caravanning sites in Oz have inherent risks. You have dangerous remote areas — from forests to deserts. And the fear is amped when you think that you’ll be caravanning with kids’ in real perspective.

Although, if you’re a hardcore caravanner, you know that the risks are manageable and would instead focus on how your kids would enjoy caravanning. More importantly, you will want your kids to learn to survive the wilderness more than the city.

Why go caravanning with your kids?

Fulfilling Experience

Caravanning the wild with your family and kids is one of the most satisfying experiences.

Not only does it take the load off caravanning, but the activity also  becomes lighter and entertaining.


Heard about dysfunctional families?

Caravanning is a good activity because it helps families be in sync with each other. Synchronization is an excellent way to connect with each other and do your duties without hurting or disrespecting each other.

Caravanning as a family instills a mentality of adjusting, adapting and sharing with your family more than a conventional home dwelling would.


If you’ve been a loner in the past as a caravanner, family caravanning will earn you many friends.

Caravanners with family or kids often look forward to meeting and  socializing with other families during their caravan trips.

Deeper Emotional Bonds

Caravanning is difficult than living in a house. You not only grow with each other, but also grow and learn from each other’s mistake and more importantly, understand each other more. Caravanning is essential for every family because it strengthens their bond.

10 Tips on how you can caravan around Australia with your kids

Your costs will increase while patience will stoop too low when you caravan with your family!

Having a flexible routine will be difficult at the start. No caravanning family would boast caravanning with kids was a cakewalk. Nevertheless, you only need to be  you’re smart, disciplined and alert and most importantly in love with your family to make this easy. Remember, caravanning is about making lasting memories with your family.

Prepare your kids and plan with them the trip

It is highly recommended that you  give your kids at least a year to grasp the idea and overcome the fears of caravanning, whatever their ages are. Stir excitement on a big trip you’ll have.

The first thing to address is security of living in a van. Be patient and start caravanning only when your whole family is at ease. Moreover, helping your kids plan every journey or itinerary will keep them interested in the trip!

Decide when’s the best time to Travel

When you’re with your family you should have a lucid itinerary of places to go and the caravan parks you would stay in.

If you’re travelling with kids, strike off months of flood or snow and pick out months that commonly has moderate temperature. From adding wildflower routes to exclusive openings, a family caravanning itinerary should be fun packed!

Prepare for more stops than the usual

If you were once travelling 400-500 km per day, with kids you will not cover more than 30-50 km per hour. If one of you suffers from motion sickness, you need to stretch the time more than the usual too!

Apart from frequent stops and varied sleep timings, kids would want more frequent stopovers. So it’s best to consider this in your itinerary.

Plan destinations that are fun for kids too

Draft an itinerary that would seem excite your kids too. From beaches to zoos, gardens, amusement parks, festivals and rollercoasters, your routes should cross kid-friendly places with regularity.

Avoid choosing destinations that lack fun but are aesthetically peaceful. Alternatively, you can bring along a TV Player or bundle of children’s magazines to keep them  entertained.

Begin Roadschooling

Most full-time caravanners claim that their kids were homeschooled until public exams. For a caravanner, this is roadschooling. Roadschooling and homeschooling are both amazing ways for you to take part in your child’s learning curve. Add your coursework to the basics to enrich your child’s education.

Syllabuses change with time and tide. Hence, it is always better to take a formal course of books plus advanced recreational activities for your kids.

Emergency Drill

When you’re riding the wilderness as a family, you can’t run from danger however professional you are. This is why your family should know the safety drill in the event of an emergency too. You can teach them to stay still near a snake and run to a tall tree in floods among other drills.

From fires to floods and snakes, ensure that your kids are prepared to avert instead of attracting danger.

Cook outdoors with your Kids

In Japan, kids learn cooking from an early age. Do you want your kids to know how to satisfy their tastes on their own? If so, you need to get your pantry filled and go for a spot for a great cookout with your kids.

Outdoor cooking replaces junk food and introduces cooking as a fun activity. Experiment on new recipes with your family and teach your kids about the importance of a balanced diet too.

Nature Friendly Games

There are many games to keep kids entertained and simultaneously explore the nature in Down Under.

Games like geocaching teach your kids how to find places while treasure hunting and hiking completions build the camping spirit.

Wildflower trails and spring bring much colour to the natural playground for kids. You can also teach swimming, fishing, trekking, scouting and birdwatching to your kids from an early age when you’re caravanning in the wilderness.

Invest in a Good Washing Machine

When the number of people in your caravan increases, laundry also increases. Replace hand washing and invest in a compatible washing machine for your rig.

There is going to be more dirt and grime in addition to dirty laundry when you’re caravanning with kids. Instead of wasting time in doing the laundry, buying a portable washing machine worth $150!

Unlike adults, children cannot wear clothes more than a day due to the hefty load of dirt they bring back! A good washing machine will also prevent piling up of laundry in the bin.

Make a Routine Chart for Every member of the Family

Yet another brilliant way to manage your time is by assigning a responsibility to each family member. From tiny deeds like making the bed to cleaning the toilets, there are a lot of ways to split the work and ease the drudgery of keeping your caravan clean.

Moreover, routine tasks give your kids a sense of responsibility and develops diligence.


If you have a large rig already, you don’t need worry about the facilities when caravanning Oz with your kids. To make the most out of caravanning, you need thorough planning. Choose what you include in the itinerary and always have at least one backup plan.

Caravanning strengthens the bond among family members transforms the togetherness in a family as well. When in doubt, always ask your caravanning friends or forums for child friendly caravan parks.

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