Galaxy Defender: Modernity in Motion

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Galaxy Defender: Modernity in Motion

Who said it’s okay for a trip to the bush to be less cosy than elsewhere? If you feel in any way uncomfortable during your off-road trip, perhaps it’s time to think of getting a new caravan.

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For this, we recommend get the best semi off-road caravan available – the Galaxy Defender

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Lavish home

The Galaxy Defender is stylish with every element of modernity. With it’s interior, you can confidently spend your holiday to the most remote suburbs of Australia, without wanting of comfort and safety.

Galaxy Defender Interior

Call it your lavish home away from home. This semi off-road caravan allows no room for compromise on comfort and functionality. With it, you can have  that five star experience in the roughest of terrains and most remote of destinations.

In the middle of nowhere, the Galaxy Defender will provide you with virtually all the luxury you need, making you feel at home anywhere you are. The Defender semi off-road caravans for sale are absolutely jam-packed for  your caravanning needs.

From two 155-watt solar panels to a Swift 23-litre microwave and from an Ibis 3 air con to innerspring mattress and RM 4605 fridge, the Defender has everything you need. It’s designed so you can enjoy your vacation in style and wish the days never end.

Luxury finish, modern vibe

The Defender semi off-road caravan exceeds expectations. In terms of comfort, the Defender is the tops among available semi off-road caravans.

Galaxy Defender Interior 2

This semi off-road caravan promises to give you the lifestyle that anyone can wish for – whether you are in an exclusive park or off to the far-ends of Australia.

And if you think comfort is the only blessing you get with the Defender then prepare for more surprises.

This caravan gives you the option to customise your dream home-away-from-home with its eight floor plans.

Unparalleled quality

The Defender is accentuated with Stucco aluminium, Euro double glased S4 windows, moulded step well, checker plate wheel spats and other handpicked materials making it the perfect semi off-road caravan.

Galaxy Defender Sideview

Its chassis is a blend of tough 6-inch A-frame, 15×235 MT tyres and 10” brakes that take you to your wildest holiday and camping destinations without the slightest spot on your safety and comfort.

Of all semi off-road caravans, the Defender stands tall, giving you value for every penny you spent. It is also equipped with the Dexter Torflex independent suspension for easy towing.

Without a doubt, this action-packed caravan has all it takes to make you feel and experience the difference that comes with a VIP treat wherever!