Ten Reasons You Should Try Off-Road Caravanning

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reasons you should try off road caravanning

You will have a limited caravanning experience if you do not choose an off road caravan. To trot around a country like Australia, an off road camper van is best.This is because off-road caravans are specifically designed to meet the endless demands and challenges of unpaved roads.

Galaxy OffRoad

With this, you can make the most out of your journey through the Down Under, with its hundreds of mountains, rivers, waterfalls and plateaus, a powerful off road caravan is necessary to make the most out of your trip.

What is the Spirit of Off-Road Caravanning?

Data show that in the past ten years, more and more people have migrated into the category of full-time and off-road caravanning.  With  the 38% increase in the sales of off road caravanning rigs, it is obvious that Australian community has embraced caravanning full well.

The caravan industry of Australia records that in 2010 alone, caravanners accounted for 607 million kilometres across Oz, a distance equivalent to 790 rides to the moon and back!

galaxy offroad

The spirit of off-road caravanning is all about soaking in the experience of the wilderness than touring across it. Our exclusive pick of the best off-road caravanning for travelling Australia at the end is a complete package for an excellent primitive caravanning experience in Down Under!

10 Shocking Benefits to Try Off-Road Caravanning THIS YEAR!

You might be surprised how strong the off-road caravanning community in Australia is when you begin caravanning yourself. An ideal fit for Oz’s Roads and geography, off-road caravanning promises absolute fun and frolic.

The helpful caravanning assist you be of use when in overcoming the endless challenges so that you would be a safe and successful off-road caravanner.

Galaxy offroad caravanning

Here are ten reasons off-road caravanning is the ultimate vacation:


Nothing beats the freedom of the open road! When you’re firmly straddled with suspenders and bungee cords headed for a no-man’s land, you’ll feel no stress or longing for an unfulfilled wish, only overwhelming happiness.

Unlike a tiny campervan or motor home, when you’re riding an off-road biggie, there is no worry that you have yet to find a caravan park or staying safe for the night.

Not only can you stay anywhere and be safe when off-road caravanning, you can also tread any exciting destination off the beaten path too!

Cheap Camping

Instead of spending $500 on camping in caravan parks every month, with an off-road caravan, all you have to do is pick your favourite location and ride on. Off-road caravanning is a money saving hack for all amateur caravanners.

Even though high quality off-road caravans don’t come cheap, camping costs are drastically lower for an off-road caravan in the long run than purchasing an on-road only caravan.

caravan camping 

This is suitable for Australia which is filled with a wide array of free camping spots.  With an off-road caravan, you can always stay anywhere for endless days without fretting about the $10-100 per day parking fee!

Safe Camping

If you’re concerned that a tiny caravan is not safe for off-road conditions, think again! Without a doubt, there are countless caravans that come with record-cheap prices, but an off road rig is designed with the best facilities and faculties for a smooth and safe ride.

Besides anti-theft locks to towbars that prevent snaking and other dangerous upturning accidents, off-road caravans also have many hidden security features to ensure caravanning off-roads is a carefree trip too.

Ground Clearance

Yet another technical merit of getting a brand new off road caravan in 2017 is its life-changing ground clearance. For small vans, ground clearance is too low, hence  preventing caravaners from travelling unsealed roads. Off-road caravans also have better towing capacity. Learn the towing caravan guide for beginners.

Simply put, ground clearance ensures more room for venturing into the unpaved terrains of deeper Oz and better adventure in a van. That’s why an off road caravan sprints across rivers and swamps without any ado unlike any campervan too!


If you’re new at full-time caravanning, the pain of shifting might be ongoing. In fact, most people don’t like carvanning because they think caravans have insufficient space. However, unlike outbacks, off-road caravans are designed with bigger bathrooms, passageways, beds, shelves, cupboards and seats for a luxurious stay

galaxy caravans interior

As off-road caravans are built to go for out of town trips, you will find state of the art appliances meant to limit your drudgery.

From spare batteries to gas cylinders, gear and tanks, there are many pros of buying an off-road caravan for that long caravanning trip.


Excellent to explore remote places and little-known areas, off road caravan offers the assurance of being drivable on most terrains. From clay to sand, pebble, gravel and tar, an off-road caravan can negotiate on most terrains without skidding.

Experiencing the wilderness is not ogling at it, but immersing into it. With an off-road caravan, beach camping and primitive camping in a desert is accessible and equally memorable.

Better Facilities

For a person hoping to spend up to a week in the wilderness, only an off-road caravan can suffice. It ensures top-class facilities of towing, maintenance and battery capacities to give you the maximum awesomeness of a solo or family caravanning experience,  better than on an outback or on-road caravan.

galaxy facilities

The strong chassis of an off-road caravan is built for sustaining rough weather and road conditions with most credible chassis having up to 5 years warranty.

Maximum Adventure and Fun 

An on-road van can cover a dirt road to reach a caravan park while an off-road model can trot a swamp, valley or creek road and deserts with the least of worries! Off-road rigs look much like an outback or on-road model, but are built with cutting edge modifications that sustain corrugated roads and undue suspension.

Galaxy Nemesis

An off road caravan is also cut at an upward angle to better help when crossing over a sudden bump, pit or incline.

Longer Stay, Exposure and Experience

Unlike tiny vans, even the base model of an off road caravan is built for a unique and long lasting caravanning experience. Longer stay translates into additional money saved and less stress about finding the next parking space too.

Get an off road rig set-up with high ground clearance, larger wheels, bigger tyres and better protection such that your stay is not restricted.

Designed for the Worst and the Best

Most nomads don’t buy a rig that suits their itinerary and travel preference. If you’re planning to experience the remote nook and cranny of Australia, you need an off-road caravans.

Off-road caravans are the best because they can get through heavy winds, storms, thunderstorm, lightning and droughts, thanks to its strong chassis and leverage.

Galaxy Nemesis

A good off-road caravan can travel everywhere where a 4WD track leads to in most seasons. Your rig should complement, not restrict, your choices.


When picking an off road caravan for the best of Oz experience, go for a lighter off road model.

From decades of experiencing trotting the Oz roads, creeks and off-roads, our pick of the best off road rig is the Nemesis from Galaxy Caravans.

galaxy nemesis

Galaxy Caravans Nemesis is built with extreme plus robust features that make your off-road caravanning trip a blast. It transforms any hostile environment into paradise and guarantees a safe and strong travel too.

Made with Stucco aluminium, Nemesis has a 100% galvanised tunnel boot in addition to an ironclad 6 inch chassis that can withstand rough roads and extreme weathers. The rig has a 2x 95l water tanks, 28 l gas tanks 2x 9kg extra gas and 65l extra water tanks too.

Nemesis boasts 12 off-road breaks and multi-terrain, Dexter Sway control, solar panels and 2x 120 AGM batteries for a cosy stay in the wilderness anytime throughout the year!


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