Galaxy Rover: King of the road

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Galaxy Rover | King of the Road

Preferences and criteria affect what people may consider as “best”. When it comes to road caravans, there is no argument. No other caravan can surpass the Galaxy Rover in all aspects – safety, comfort, space, style and luxury.

While on road caravans bank on their reliability, the Galaxy Rover boasts of the most sophisticated and solid construction, the most luxurious interior and perhaps the least susceptibility to damp even after years on the road.

Plus, with a special emphasis on aesthetics and sophistication, this luxury touring caravan has been meticulously crafted to get you over and under in style. It is surrounded with robust Stucco aluminium, double glazed S4 windows and other top-of-the-line materials that let you stand out anytime, anywhere.

Rover Layout

rover layout

The Rover come in eight different layouts. This of course gives you the flexibility and opportunity to reconfigure your home-from-home every time you’re hitting the roads for another exceptional journey to yonder lands.

Optimised for value, style and sophistication

Rover Internal

The Rover has been designed for those who love some element of style and sophistication, providing both in equal measure. It gives a blend of modern livinglong-standing quality for guaranteed functionality and added comfort and does not hold back in the aesthetics and design.

Thanks to the Galaxy team’s keen understanding of the need to be comfortable regardless of the limited space, this luxury caravan that delivers the same level of comfort in any terrain or weather.

Rover Internal

Further proof that it’s designed with you and your needs in mind,  the Rover caravan is loaded with world-class equipment and materials that offer a five-star stay: Ibis 3 aircon, Swift 23-litre microwave, 155-watt solar panel, RMD8555 fridge and reversing camera with monitor; just to name a few.

Moreover, its well-designed chassis makes towing perfectly smooth and hassle-free. It features the straight axle rocker suspension, 15×205 tyres and 10” brakes that guarantee both your comfort and safety on the highways at all times.

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Lasting value

Description: rover-side-view.jpg

If you find warranty issues distasteful, then the Galaxy Rover caravan is what you need. With its lasting value and durable construction, these on road caravans will take you from one great dream adventure to the other.

In addition, if after years of use you would want to switch to a different make, the Rover would still have a re-sale value that’s near the price at which you bought it.

With the comfort, exceptional structure and robust frame and high re-sell value,  the Galaxy Rover Caravans are the on-roaders to beat.