Taking on the Wilderness on Your Own

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Taking on the Wilderness

Perhaps you’re wondering why people choose to go caravanning on their own. Solo caravanning is all about enjoying the beauty of solitude and embracing the open road; full of freedom, opportunities, adventure and fun.

Savvy Tips on Solo caravanning

Solo caravanning not only tests your ability to survive on your own. It also builds character; so that at the end of your journey, you emerge a better, stronger, tougher person.

Is Your Rig Roadworthy?


Galaxy Nemesis


See to it that your caravan is roadworthy for a safe, fun-filled adventure. Check the following:

– Chassis is not dented or twisted or corroded through

– All cables work smoothly with no fraying

– Hand brake works and does so smoothly

– Tyres are correctly inflated with no signs of cracks and are under 5 years old

– Wheel bearings run smoothly and quietly

– Coupling head is firmly attached

– Damper works, and when compressed applies the brakes.

– Bodywork no jagged projections everything fixed and not about to fall off.

– Towcar and caravan are the correct match

Learn Basic Roadside Repairs

Solo caravanning is surely a great way to get away from the rat race, but not knowing basic roadside repairs can put you in difficult situation when an emergency arises. Solo caravanners must at least know how to fix a flat tyre. This guide how to fix a flat tyre definitely a great guide.

Stay alert for unexpected dangers

Caravanning is never without its dangers, especially when you’re out there on your own.  Keep your family or a close friend updated on your most recent activities and location. This helps rescue to find you when you run into an emergency situation.

Reversing into the pitch


motor mover. Image credit to UK-Caravans.co.nz

Use a motor mover when reversing your caravan into the pitch to avoid accidents or crashing onto some stationary object.

Carry Extra Lawn Chairs

Solo caravanners are also an easy prey to attack, theft, robbery or exploitation from strangers. So don’t advertise that you are alone. Place two lawn chairs outside your caravan to make them think you got company.

Organise Checklists

Caravanning requires a lot of preparation. You’re bound to forget things if don’t put it down in writing. So organise checklists to help you remember what to bring and what to do on your trip.

Best places and parks to go solo caravanning

Not sure of where to go on your next caravan adventure? Not a worry. Here are some of the best solo caravanning destinations in Australia.

White Cliff Point, Hamelin Bay


Image Credit to WesternAustralia-TravellersGuide.com

If you are traveling solo and want a luxurious, comfort and with style caravan, Rover is fit for you. Perfect to use when going to White Cliff Point. As this place is  a renowned destination for solo caravanners, available throughout the year. The protruding limestone cliffs divide Hamelin Bay from Foul Bay. White Cliff point is also a popular landmark on the Cape to Cape route.

A scenic vantage point to explore for solo travellers, the cliff offers countless secret beaches, striking rock formations, fragile limestone hangings, coastal walking tracks and snorkelling wrecks.

Iconic Attractions: Foul Bay, Hamelin Bay, Secret Beaches, Jewel Cave, Margaret River Wine Region, Hamelin Island, Gas Bay, Surfers Point and Boardwalk Lookout. 

Ningaloo Marine Park


Image Credit to australiascoralcoast.com

If you are traveling solo and want a modern caravan, stylish and can put everything in, Defender is for you! Specially when you want to go a heritage listed Marine Park with diverse aqua fauna such as whales, dugongs, dolphins, manta rays, turtles and whale sharks, Ningaloo Marine Park is the largest reef next to a continent. With about 500 tropical fish species in this 300 km stretch, the marine park also has 200 species of coral.

Snorkelling, swimming and kayaking are the most popular activities to enjoy when caravanning in Ningaloo. Furthermore, the months of April until July are considered the best time for marine interactions.

Iconic Attractions: Cape Range National Park, Indian Ocean Drive, Money Mia, Karijini National Park, Ningaloo Reef, Bateman Sanctuary, Oyster Rocks, Bundegi Beach, Amherst Point and Exmouth.

Lake Ninan


Image Credit to exploroz.com

For off-road caravan that want an extreme and robust caravan solo experience, try Nemesis. A perfect fit for a spectacular free camping site, Lake Nina is a welcoming destination for solo caravanners. With its flat open ground and scattered trees, the site is located 10 Km from Wongan Hills. Lake Ninan is surrounded by dead trees scattered across a salty terrain.

The lake itself has shallow salty water with pink and white salts adorning its shore. Enjoy walks around the salt lakes. You can also enjoy sailing, canoeing and waterskiing on the lake especially during spring with its green and yellow rolling hills sandwiched between pale blue skies and the Lake Ninan.

Iconic Attractions: Wongan Hills, Nittymarra Hill, Elphin, Mortlock Flats, Oak Valley,  Kalguddering, Byderding Hill, Mount O’Brien, Roger’s Nature Reserve, Lake Hinds and Wongan Hills Nature Reserve.

Moore River, Guilderton


Image Credit to Lyn T

Lastly, if you want an ideal destination try Striker and spend the day kayaking, canoeing, wildflower watching and enjoying the beaches, Moore River is a gorgeous getaway destination for solo caravanners. Boating, swimming, fishing and driving your SUV on the beach are some other interesting activities to enjoy. The dull blue river is encircled by the wavy ocean and the remote bushlands.

During spring, wildflowers transform the monotonous meadows into a breathtaking view. Moore River is located on the tourist trail, one hour from Perth and an ideal place for relaxation.

Iconic Attractions: Indian Ocean, Diamond Island, Silver Creek, The Pinnacles, Guilderton Lighthouse, Gingin Railway Station, Lancelin Dunes and Yanchep Caves.

Valley of the Giants


Celebrated for its 400-year-old giant trees, the Valley of the Giants in Denmark, WA promises a fun-filled caravanning adventure. The best attraction to enjoy when in Valley of the Giants is the Tree Top Walk stretching 600-metres until the Ancient Boardwalk Empire. Situated in the Walpole Wilderness National Park, Valley of the Giants is also perfect for self-discovery and communing with nature.

The site is equipped with public toilets, baby-room facilities, free wheelchair hire, car park, coach park and barbecues.

Iconic Attractions: Walpole Wilderness National Park, Giant Douglas Fir, The ancient Empire Boardwalk, Red Tingle Tree Grove, Bow Bridge and Bow River.

Coober Pedy, Alice Springs


Renowned as the opal capital of the world, Coober Pedy is located 850 km from Adelaide. A popular campsite for solo caravanners, Coober Pedy is the result of a 150 million year old ocean that drained to form the multi-hued seabed of opal as seen today.

Coober Pedy receives 150,000 visitors each year and has a sealed road from Port Augusta until Alice Springs. The popular holiday destination has temporary rest houses along the Stuart Highway.

Iconic Attractions: Desert Caves, Josephine’s Gallery, Wind turbine Generator, Dugouts, William Creek, Underground Café, Uluru, Dingo Fence, DBC Pierre, Underground Church, Devils Marbles, Tallaringa and Noodling Area.

Suggested activities for taking on the wilderness on your own

Australia offers a wide diversity of topography, flora and fauna. So, you can never run out of activities. In addition, there are other super-fun activities available for a solo caravanner to enjoy.

Wine Tasting

Located throughout WA and northern parts of Australia are countless world renowned wineries. If you’re a wine lover, this is the place to go for a Wine-Tasting treat. You can begin at Gingin, then Perth Hills and explore Margaret River as well as Mount Barker.


Skydiving is a sport for any solo caravanner who is keen on having an immense sense of satisfaction out of a grand adventure. There are skydiving options where you can make your jump at 10,000 ft and deploy the parachute at 5,000 ft, where you can do aerial acrobatics and have lots of fun.

A highly recommended skydiving attraction for solo caravanners is over Rottnest and Perth where you land on the beach and continue to a celebratory glass of beer!

Explore dive wrecks

Exploring dive wrecks is an interesting and engaging activity for solo caravanners. Each wreck site has its own story to tell, which adds to their appeal.

One of the best historic wrecks to visit is the Batavia Wreck. Snorkelers can trip, trek and trace the wreck’s hull, anchors and cannons which colourful fishes have transformed into their home.

Yet another dive wreck to see is the HMAS Swan or Swan Dive Wreck, which is submerged at a depth of 35 metres and has become the habitat of King George Whiting, Bulls Eye, Blue Devil and Samson fishes.

Dolphin and whale watching

If you’re feeling a bit lonely, whale and dolphin watching will certainly lift your mood. To enjoy whale watching tours, visit  Augusta, Albany, Dunsborogh or Busselton between the months of June and December.

Dolphins are yet another excellent stress reliever. The Dolphin Discovery Centre in Koombana Bay and Bunbury are the best places to swim and enjoy the company of hundreds of dolphins.

Go Fishing

Blessed with endless beaches and pristine marine life, Australia is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. The best catches available include Salmon, Trout, Perch, Whiting, Samson, Barramundi, Black Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Barracuda, Yellowfin Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, Dorado, Cod, King Salmon, Tuna and Queenfish.

If you’re a fishing aficionado, head over to Cape York, Broome, Exmouth, Top End or the Great Barrier Reef. For a solo caravanner, fishing promises tranquillity, peace, relaxation and most importantly, fun!

Hiking the wildflower trails

Australia is known for its 12,000 varieties of wildflowers seen exclusively during the Spring and Summer seasons. For a caravanner taking on the wilderness alone, trekking the wildflower trails by foot or bicycle is an enjoyable, entertaining and fulfilling activity. With more than half of Australian wildflowers found nowhere else on the planet, it is a promising trip for caravanners who love nature and wildlife.

Plan a trip between June and November for an Epic Wildflower tour in Coral Coast, South West, Perth, Wave Rock, Cape Range, Jarrahland, Esperance, Everlastings, Granite Loop and Goldfields.


Taking the wilderness on your own has its pros and cons. Its major drawback is that it involves certain risks and the dangers are very real.


Galaxy Caravans – the best luxury and off-road caravans in Australia for over 20 years.

However, the rewards of caravanning on your own are beyond measure. So whether you’re a newbie or an experienced caravanner, applying the tips outlined in this article should serve to maximise your safety and enjoyment throughout the entire journey.

Happy caravanning!