Galaxy Striker: Ultimate Off-Road Caravan

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Galaxy Striker Ultimate Off Road Caravan

There’s a reason the Galaxy Striker is tops among the ultimate caravans in Australia. It was designed and built to glide past the most extreme conditions effortlessly. Thus, it will give you the ultimate off-road experience.

The Galaxy Striker ultimate family caravan is fully-equipped with practically everything to make the most out of your trip.

It has been designed to defy the norms of exploration and allow you to cruise rugged terrain with absolute ease – surrounded by nothing but comfort.


Legendary off-road performance

Anyone who has used the Galaxy Striker agrees that it showcases the very best in engineering, comfort, contemporary styling, innovation and off-road performance.

Lightweight with the best of Australia’s signature aerodynamic contours,  it allows for a more fuel-efficient and ecologically friendly off-road adventure.

You’ll most probably get behind the idea that the only way to unleash a caravan’s off-road power is to use the most robust of materials.

Galaxy Striker Side View

It features a 6-inch A-frame, G&S HC chassis, 6” raiser, Control rider twin shock suspension, 16×265 MT tyres and 12" off-road brakes.  Together these perform beyond your imagination.

And if you get the variant with 4WD capability, no terrain will be able to control the wildness of the unleashed Striker.

From Cape York or the tattered landscape of Simpson Desert, to the desolate Canning Stock Route of Kimberley in Western Australia, the Striker will get where you want to go, quenching your thirst for adventure.


All About Exploration and Adventure

Galaxy Striker Front-Side View

Owning the Striker is all about exploration and adventure. It is designed with a keen consideration for all kinds of conditions and terrains.

For one, this engineering masterpiece is housed in Stucco aluminium, which can withstand the test of time, weather and everything in between.

Fully galvanised tunnel boot, checker plate wheel spats, Euro double glazed S4 windows, moulded step well and front and rear Alu panels have been skilfully blended to create this work of genius.

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Built For Optimum Comfort

Striker Interior

You’re home in the jungle, these ultimate caravans have been optimised for a comfortable stay.

Assuring you of royal treatment, the Striker is jampacked with the best equipment, tools and appliances.

With an Ibis 3 air con, Revolution Lithium 2 x 160 amp 320 amp capacity packs, three 150-watt solar system, Waeco RPD-215 compressor fridge, Swift 23-litre microwave and full oven, Innerspring mattress, vinyl flooring and Dexter sway control – you are sure to have the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

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