Top 10 Toughest Roads in Australia for a Caravan Adventure

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Toughest Roads | Caravan Adventure

Australia is not known as having one type of terrain or one species of wildlife, but for its astounding diversity of flora, fauna and geography. To enjoy the best of Down Under, there’s nothing like embarking on a luxury caravan adventure on some of the toughest roads in Australia. Before planning for a long trip make sure you familiarize yourself with towing caravan safety tips.

10. Outback Highway

Outback Highway
Outback Highway

A road odyssey for off road caravanners, Outback Highway covers 2800 km in length and spans from Laverton to Winton. Popular as Australia’s longest shortcut, Outback Highway touches many remote areas and can take up to 4-7 days, depending on how long you enjoy the picturesque landscape around. The road is paved in all-weather gravel that stretches across three different states- Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland.

Iconic Sceneries: Ayers Rock, the Olga’s, MacDonnell Ranges, Donohue Highway, Peterman, Min Min Byway, Great Central Road, Plenty Highway, Tjukaruru Road, Stuart Highwayand Lasseter Highway.

9. Eyre Highway

Eyre Highway
Eyre Highway

Known as a dangerous route owing to the long and lonely stretch of roads, Eyre Highway spans 1664 km in length and connects Western Australia to Southern Australia through the Nullarbor Plains. Eyre Highway also comprises of one of the longest straight roads in Australia, which covers 146.6 Km’s. The half-century old highway is an attractive road to drive with the runway "piano keys" painted on the road and surprise animals like kangaroos, camels and emus constantly around.

Iconic Sceneries: The Great Australian Bight, Bunda Cliffs, Nullarbor National Park, Eucla National Park, Mundrabilla Roadhouse, Madura Pass Oasis, Nuytsland Nature Reserve and Dundas Nature Reserve.

8. The Great Alpine Road, Victoria

Covering 303 km in total distance, the Great Alpine Road is a two-decade old asphalted road popularly known as B500. Spanning across multi-coloured valleys, snow-covered Victorian Alps and vine carpets of Gippsland forests. The Great Alpine Road starts at Wangaratta and ends at Bairnsdale. The route is notorious for its steep curves, hairpin bends and twisty turns. Ensure that your rig is in the best condition as scaling Australia’s most dangerous road at 1,840 metres elevation requires more than your driving skills!

Iconic Sceneries: Hospice Creek, Alpine National Park and Mount Feathertop;

7. Canning Stock Route

Canning Stock
Canning Stock

Considered the toughest road of Australia, Canning Stock Route is also the most remote drive to traverse on a caravan. OZ’s best 4WD route is 1850 km in length and sprawls from Halls Creek to Wiluna.The route is also a heritage route, known to be the longest historic stock route. It stretches across countless empty deserts and takes a minimum of three weeks cross.

Iconic Sceneries: Halls Creek, Gibson Desert, Little Sandy Desert, Great Sandy Desert

6. Oodnadatta Track

Oodnadatta Road
Oodnadatta Road

A daring yet picturesque outback of Down Under, Oodnadatta Track is a long stretch of 617 km of unpaved road stretching from Marree until Marla. Riding the Oodnadatta Track is a voyage through history, aboriginal culture and multi-faceted geography, open throughout the year to caravanners. Travellers are advised to avoid night time travelling due to the remoteness of the drive, drastic weather differences and lack of emergency centres en route.

Iconic Sceneries: Kati Thanda Lake Eyre National Park, Wabma Kadarbu Springs, Great Artesian Basin, William Creek, Coward Springs Campground, Mound Springs, Old Ghan Railway and Lake Eyre.

5. The Savannah Way, Queensland

Savannah Way
Savannah Way

Draped 3700 km from East to West, the Savannah Way starts at Cairns and ends at Broome. One of the most adventurous Australian road trips also covers 15 national parks, 5 world heritage spots and countless geographical attractions and wildlife in its itinerary. If you’re caravanning the long red outback of Savannah Way, you will see many red kangaroos, emus and even lions crossing your path! The route covers both sealed and gravel roads surrounded by scrub trees, pine blue skies and giant termite mounds.

Iconic Sceneries: Millaa Millaa Falls, Undara Lava Tubes, Cobbold Gorge, Boodjamulla National Park, Atherton Tablelands, Innot Hot Springs, Mt Surprise, Gulflander Rides and Gregory River.

4. Captain Cook Highway

Captain Cook Highway
Captain Cook Highway

Celebrated as one of the best coastal drives in Australia, Captain Cook Highway spreads 75 km between Cairns and Mossman. Also notorious as one of the world’s most dangerous roads to drive, Captain Cook Highway has countless secluded beaches, stunning swimming ports, scenic vantage points and fishing hot spots en route too. The best attraction of Captain Cook Highway is its 2700 view of the tropical seaside rain forest and the coral coastline where hang-gliding is known to be the best way to enjoy the view.

Iconic Sceneries: Port Douglas, Mossman Gorge, Daintree National Park, Macalister Range National Park, Palm Cove, Double Island Reef, Haycock Reef Kuranda State Forest, Oak Beach and Mowbray National Park.

3. The Red Centre Way

Red Centre Way
Red Centre Way

From doing the daring Rim Walk of 500 Steps over King’s Canyon to enjoying a Sounds of Silence supper in Uluru, Red Centre Way is full of surprises for caravanners driving the epic route. Covering 1135 Km in length, Red Centre Way begins at Alice Springs and ends at Uluru-Kata Tjuta. Most travellers encounter Kangaroos, dingoes, and wild horses on their 5-day road trip across the corrugated route.

Iconic Sceneries: Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Alice Springs, Kings Canyon , West MacDonnell Ranges, King’s Canyon National Park, Standley Chasm, Gosse Bluff, Palm Valley, Glen Helen Gorge, Ellery Creek Big Hole and Finke Gorge National Park.

2. Wakehurst Parkway


Listed as one of the top 20 haunted places in the World, Wakehurst Parkway is also one of the accident-prone roads of Down under. Surrounded by Frenchs Forest and Sydney's finest northern beaches, Wakehurst has many ghastly legends from the white-dressed ghost named Kelly to the phantom nun. The asphalted 13 Km stretch of road is one of the toughest drives due to its steep bends and the gory history of the route being the dumping ground of Sydney Murder Victims.

Iconic Sceneries: Frenchs Forest, Garigal National Park, Middle Creek, Sanctuary Island, Forestville Park, Manly Creek, Peach Tree Bay and Bantry Bluff.

1. Gibb River Road

Gibb River Road
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A road odyssey for off road caravanners, the Gibb River Road is still touted as one of the most dangerous roads in Australia. Anyone who embarks on this adventure gets asked three questions:

- How much does it cost? - Are you crazy? - Where is the Gibb River Road?

The Gibb River Road is a 660 km stretch through the Kimberley between the towns of Derby and the Kununurra and Wyndham junction of the Great Northern Highway. Undertaking this challenge requires guts and excellent off-road driving skills. You can see..

Iconic Sceneries: Windjana Gorge National Park, Lennard and Bell Gorges, Mitchell Falls, Mitchell Plateau, El Questro Wilderness Park, Kimberley wildlife, Chamberlain Gorge, Wandjina rock art.

So if you’re up to the challenge, why not begin your adventure today? Take one of Galaxy Off road caravans to ensure your safety and comfort even when travelling on some of Australia’s most unforgiving terrains.